Contains EVERY question and answer from the
entire OFFICIAL DSA Theory Test Question Bank.
  Sit UNLIMITED mock tests with different questions
every time.
  MONITOR your progress to make sure you have
covered all questions.
  Customise your questions from OFFICIAL DSA Categories.
  Official DSA explanation for each answer “BLUE TEXT”.
  Sample CASE STUDY questions are included.
  Professional URDU voiceover for all questions and answers.
  Interactive Hazard Perception video clips shot from outside the car just like the real test.
  Watch the OFFICIAL DSA sample clips and test introduction video.
  REVIEW each video clip to see where the hazard began and where the maximum score could have been achieved.
  MONITOR your progress to see if you are ready for the exam.
  Contains all the recent changes to the DSA Driving
test including Independent Driving.
  An interactive demonstration on how to perform essential Driving Manoeuvres.
  Includes all the Official DSA Show Me, Tell Me test questions and expert answers.
  Professional URDU voiceover for all questions and answers.
ISBN: 978-0-9571564-0-1
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